Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor Review

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The ultimate in infant monitors is embodied in the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure handheld color video baby monitor. This is a sleek and modern device with expandable features that add to its versatility. It may seem as if you are watching your baby from a mobile telephone due to the sleek design and size. This is an innovative device that gives you peace of mind as you watch your baby sleeping like, well, a baby. Click here to buy from Amazon with 14% discount Now!

The Summer Infant Sleek and Secure infant baby monitor is one of the most versatile devices in this range. It even works if you have more than one child in different rooms. All you have to do is to get additional cameras and synchronize them to the monitor. You can add up to 4 cameras to this monitor and watch all four rooms at the same time.

Summer Infant Color Video Baby Monitor Features

Of course the peace of mind from being able to watch your baby sleep at night is priceless. That is why the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure video baby monitor allows you to watch your baby in black and white as she sleeps at night. With this sleek mobile phone size monitor will give you freedom in knowing that you have your baby within your sights at all times.

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Another great feature that the Summer Infant handheld baby monitor has is the talk back. You are able to soothe and talk to your baby through the talk back device and keep her calm even when she cannot see you in the room. This works and many mothers will testify that this strategy has given them peace of mind time and again.

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Review

With over 50 reviews on on the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure video baby monitor it is evident that this monitor is very popular. The ease of use is one of the favorite features. Mothers love the fact you can watch your baby day and night as this gives peace of mind. It is definitely worth much more than it retails for considering it is sleek in its modern design. You get to carry it wherever you are in the house much like the way you carry your mobile phone. Click here to read more reviews.

Well as it is to be expected, there are some customers who are not really satisfied with the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure color video monitor. These misgivings however, seem to stem from wrongful use of the device and as is to be expected it will malfunction. You cannot use the device on an inappropriate power supply and expect it to work well. With proper and careful use, this device installs easy and lasts for years in good working condition.

If you are looking for a monitor that is good value for money and works well, has modern features then get the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor. With additional cameras at a bargain price, you can keep up to four children under your watch 24/7. This is definitely music to the ears of discerning parents, mindful of their children’s welfare. Click here to SAVE $30 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Amare June 17th, 2012 (#)

The camera mounting options could be better. The camera has a flat base like a webcam, so if you have a table or shelf above the baby you can set it there, and aim it down over the edge. It also comes with a little wood-screw you could screw into a wall or furniture if you wanted to permanently hang it someplace. It does NOT come with any kind of clamp for attaching temporarily to the edge of a crib. (Most mobiles or other crib accessories seem better designed for clamping and positioning around a crib than this camera.) It also does NOT accept a standard tripod monuting screw, the way most camcorders do. It has space for one in the middle of the base, but I guess they wanted to save a few cents on this. We didn’t want to put a permanent screw into the edge of the crib, so I have the base of the camera attached to the end of the crib with clear tape, which works well enough for now I guess. I didn’t take away a star for the limited mounting options, because I don’t know if other baby monitors are better on this issue. But seriously, if Summer Infant thinks we use a baby monitor like a desktop webcam or fixed position security camera, they should visit their customers more and see how often our baby gets moved around! I won’t pay 80 bucks for an additional camera if there’s no clamp or tripod mounting hole added to the design. The picture quality is pretty good. There’s no interference anywhere in the house. The resolution is good enough for the small screen in the monitor. The frame-rate is a little slow, so some motions appear a bit jerky compared to broadcast TV, but this isn’t a big problem. If the room is dark, it automatically goes into a night mode. The night mode is black-and-white (near infrared) and flickers and pulses a little brighter and darker over time, but is still viewable and lets you see the kid. I like the fact that the picture is vertically-oriented (taller instead of wider), it frames the sleeping baby very nicely and fills more the monitor this way. The first night we used it, we watched the baby asleep, then later saw her start to move around a bit, then start kicking off her blanket. My wife started heating milk for her when she saw this, and sure enough a few minutes later the baby started crying, but we were ready ahead of time. I thought Bingo! this is exactly why you need video in a baby monitor. The sound is clear both ways (you can hear everything in the room around the camera, and if you press talk on the monitor your voice comes out of the camera as well.) As a funny aside, when I first tested the camera I thought the sound was too soft, even with the volume turned all the way up, but it turned out that there’s a little clear piece of tape covering the microphone hole, and when that was removed the sound got a lot better. Battery life is pretty good on the monitor. If you leave it on a lot you need to recharge every night. If you turned it off between checking it, it can last several days on a charge. They earn points for the charger being standard mini-USB, and it can run without battery power when plugged in. The manual warns to use-up the battery before recharging it, though, as if the batteries suffer from memory problems. This note worried me, although our actual battery has been working fine so far. The layout of the buttons on the monitor unit seem designed more for advertising than usability. For example, one of the four big buttons on the front is for pairing a new camera with the monitor, so it’s a button you might never need to press (except if you bought an extra camera.) This seems strange when buttons you have to press all the time, like the one that toggles the monitor on and off, and the talk button to speak back to the camera, are smaller buttons on the side. I guess they felt like putting big buttons on the front so you don’t notice that the display screen doesn’t fill the front of the unit. I have only used this monitor with one camera so far, even though the features for using it with multiple cameras look promising. I’m glad we chose this model.

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