Infant Optics 2.4ghz Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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Peace of mind is what you get with the Infant Optics 2.4ghz digital video baby monitor. This wonderful monitor has a slim design that makes it quite portable. You can carry it anywhere in the house and it works just perfectly. The most amazing thing about it is that it gives you a perfect video and audio output all the time. This way you get to see and hear your baby even when you are not in the same room. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping and 42% discount Now!

The Infant Optics video baby monitor is a powerful gadget that covers up to 800 feet in open areas and 250 feet indoor. This is pretty awesome and you can rarely be out of range from monitoring your baby. This device uses the most advanced digital wireless transmission that is completely static free and offers unparalleled privacy. This technology also ensures that the connection is interference free.

Infant Optics Baby Video Monitor Features

At night the Infant Optics 2.4GHz digital video baby monitor uses infra red night vision and offers vivid playback any time of day or night. It also saves on power consumption by switching off automatically when no noise is sensed for 3 minutes. At the slightest noise, say when your baby cries, it switches on automatically so you are alerted that your attention is needed.

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This Infant Optics 2.4GHz baby monitor is easy to set up anywhere in the house in just 3 easy steps. It is simple enough to use with no extra gimmicks while the price is just right so you do not have to spend extra on stuff that you really do not need. The 2.4” TFT screen gives perfect picture quality all the time so you have clarity of vision. At night the infra red option enables you to see up to a distance of 15 feet even in complete darkness.

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor Review

It is therefore no wonder that the Infant Optics 2.4GHz digital baby video monitor has 3452 reviews on with almost 1712 of these rating it at the highest 5-star. Portability and the ease of use day and night are just some of the reasons why parents are in love with this gadget. The no interference aspect is also a great plus. You can use your Wi-Fi, mobile telephone and the baby monitor perfectly with no interference from one gadget to the other. The device also has a camera that helps to take photos of your family even as your baby grows. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some of the reviewers noticed that their Wi-Fi connections stopped working when the Infant Optics 2.4GHz monitor was on but this may have to be just one of those things to do with the Wi-Fi connection such as the strength and quality of the connection too.

You cannot go wrong with the Infant Optics 2.4GHz digital video baby monitor. The price is just right and it does not get better than that. What could be more important than to monitor your baby both in audio and video? And the best part is that you get to do this using a static free high quality monitor. Click here to check it out.

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Mike April 16th, 2013 (#)

it’s a good monitor, but it definitely DOES interfere with wifi at our house. With the monitor on, slow speed and intermittent dropouts. The instant you turn it off, back to normal.

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