Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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If you are looking for a product that will gives you reassurance that your child is fine and safe, Motorola digital video baby monitor is what you need.  When your child comes loud, you can hear him clearly.

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Motorola baby video monitor works at an amazing range of 200 meters.  You can move your house comfortably knowing that your child is safe.  This amazing video baby monitor uses a 3.5” LCD color display for clear and high quality sound and video.  The baby monitor uses the 2.4 GHz FHSS technology that enhances a reliable wireless connection which guarantees a low chance of missing something important affecting your child and no signal drop when you are within the 200 meters range.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Features

  • Infrared night vision and room temperature monitor
  • 3.5″ color lcd screen and up to 25 fps
  • Remote camera adjustment and five polyphonic lullabies
  • five LED alerts for noise level and additional camera capability
  • 200 meter range with “out-of-range” warning

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The Motorola baby monitor uses the infrared technology that allows remote communication with your child without a disturbing light.  The two way communication ensures the ability of the parent to speak with their child when hearing something from their side.

The Motorola digital video baby monitor is also equipped with a temperature monitor that tracks the temperature around your baby and reports it on the receiver’s LCD screen.  This way, you can make sure that the temperature around your child is neither too hot nor too cold.  Also, the five LEDs on the monitor show the sound level in the baby’s room to keep the parent informed about the audio activity surrounding the child. Optional accessories include a camera with a 3.5 inch LCD screen to keep an eye on the baby.  With the Motorola baby video monitor, you can zoom and pan images as needed and put your baby to sleep thanks to the lullabies build in the monitor.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review reviews show a significant number of reviews, 576 out of 1265, who rated as a five star product.  One expressed his extreme satisfaction about the monitor and described it as the product he has been seeking for months. This proved to be the ideal product for the user after trying several monitors.  The user could see the baby at night thanks to the monitor resolution.  The user could have a view of the entire crib.  He did not hear any noise when scanning views of the baby.  Thanks to this amazing device, the user can control the sound up or down to wake up or fall asleep.  The Motorola digital baby monitor does not interfere with any cell phone, or any other electronic device.  Click here to read more reviews.

On the negative side, a few users complained about the inability to reduce the sound completely and about the lack of clarity of the camera views.  These are contradicting with the 5 stars customers’ ratings who claim that the parent can see the baby at night and have the sound up or down based on the preference.

With all the benefits that Motorola digital baby monitor provides including total reassurance about the baby up to 200 meters away and the ability to hear him and see him while being in the other side, this product is definitely worth the purchase. Click here to SAVE $20 on the Motorola video baby monitor for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Shay June 17th, 2012 (#)

Ok, so I gave this monitor 4 stars rather than 5 because it does have some annoying flaws. I have researched so many monitors for multiple cameras and this one seemed the best. I had the Summer Infant Best View, which was AMAZING!! I sold it to a friend to help pay for this one, and I was kind of sad because I wasn’t sure how this one would compare. It seems, like most of the reviews, as long as you don’t get a lemon , it works great. I purchased mine from and ordered the extra camera too (they have it in stock right now, and Amazon does not.) Basically, the first one I tried, the monitor was blank and showed nothing. But if I hooked it up to my TV, I could see the baby sleeping, so I knew it wasn’t the camera. I brought that one back and got another one. This one works!!! The video quality is not as good as the Best View, but is good enough. I have listed the PROS and CONS below!! PROS -Normal amount of interference with Wi-Fi. You will have this problem with most video monitors. -No static very clear sound, and we are 2300 feet from my daughter’s room. -The battery on the monitor appears to be pretty good, lasts all day and I charge it each night, even though it is not completely drained. -The battery pack for the camera is a neat feature, but I haven’t hooked it up. Keep in mind that if you purchase an additional camera, the battery pack is not included. -The volume is really great and there are no problems with hearing the baby rustling around on the sheets, which is nice. -Scanning feature!!!!! This feature is what I have been looking for. When you put it on scan, it scans between the cameras you have set up. When the video is on, you see and hear what is being monitored (1st camera, then 2nd and back to 1st again.) When you are sleeping, and the video is off, the sound is still scanning between rooms. On other monitors, the sound would stop on the room you had the camera on last. What’s the point in that? Also, some have no sound and only video scanning. Like any person is just going to stay awake all night and stare at the video monitor to see if there are any issues with the babies. This one does the trick, though, with both video and audio scanning. -The monitor is very sensitive to touch and easy to use. -Camera is easy to swivel around to your preference from the comfort of your bedroom, or wherever though, I pretty much just keep it where it is. -I love the intercom feature because sometimes I just talk to my daughter just for fun when she is awake and I am about to go get her. She looks at the camera and says, mama?? I love it!! -There is a really nice leg on the monitor that is easy to open and close so you can stand it up, if you choose. (The dock props it up, as well, which makes quick glances at the monitor easy. If you choose not to use the dock, the plug goes right into the monitor if you don’t enjoy the dock. (I discuss this below in the Con section.)) CONS -It appears that there are a lot of lemons out there, so if yours has problems, bring it back and get another one right away. -The dock is really light and is magnetic, so when I try to pick it up off the dock with one hand, it usually picks up the dock and drops it on the floor. Annoying, but not a deal-breaker. -The talk button is right by the power button and since you have to hold the power button to turn the monitor off and hold the talk button to talk to the child, some people have reported accidentally holding the talk button and waking the child. This has not happened to me. It would be wise for Summer Infant to make a minor change in that area. -Video quality can definitely be improved. The night vision is better than the color, but really, it is always dark when I am monitoring her, so this is not a problem. And, again, not a deal-breaker for me. CONCLUSION Basically, it boils down to how many rooms/kids you are monitoring. The scanning feature is just too important and outweighs all of the cons, in my opinion!! Please ask questions, if you have them. I had millions and just went for it!!

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