Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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The Philips AVENT digital video baby monitor, White helps you keep an eye on your baby even at night. With the day and night enabled wireless camera you will get a clear image of your child delivered to the portable parent unit.

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Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor Features

The parent unit features an easy to see 2.4 inch color LCD screen. The video camera streams fully color during the day and black and white at night using night vision technology.

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The digital video baby monitor from Philips AVENT was designed to allow you to watch your child as they sleep without having to be in their room. The wireless video camera can record/ capture and stream video in full light and no light using night vision technology.

The parent unit features a nicely sized 2.4 inch LCD full color screen. The display streams the full color images during daylight hours and black and white images at night. The camera and monitor use a 2.4 GHz to connect which is similar to what your typical cordless home phone uses.

The nearly 500 foot range of the wireless signal means you can clip the parent unit  to your belt and be outside working in the yard and still be watching your child sleep. Along with the video screen the parent unit features several indicators including; battery charge level, signal link and sound level.

Philips ADVENT baby video monitor added a couple extra features to the system that is sure to help a parent soothe their child that is having a difficult time falling asleep. The camera produces a soft glow as a light and has three different lullaby songs to choose from.

Philips AVENT Baby Monitor Review

As part of our research for the Philips AVENT digital video baby monitor, White with discovered more than 125 consumer reviews posted online. From the reviews that were posted online it received an average rating of 3.6 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with the ratings the reviewers left majority positive comments, but we did find a few negative ones. Several reviewers were very happy that their unit did not have any problem with interference with other wireless devices like other brands had. Click here to read these reviews.

The majority of the reviewers mentioned that the screen quality was very clear and when the night vision was on they were still able to see their child clearly. Another aspect of the philips digital baby monitor that was mentioned by several reviewers was the battery life, many confirmed that the battery life appeared to be pretty much as advertised by Philips ADVENT. The wireless connectivity was a huge plus and many of the reviewers confirmed that it allowed them to check on their child even when they were a good distance away.

We were not able to find a lot of negatives posted by any of the reviewers, but the one we did find mentioned that the mount was poorly designed.

After our research was completed, the monitor system seemed to be acceptable according to the majority reviewers. We would definitely recommend it. Click here to SAVE $26 on the Philips AVENT digital video baby monitor for a limited time only!

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