Levana Safe N’See Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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The Levana Safe N’see digital video baby monitor is a very innovative device used for babies who are being sleep trained early in their days. Levana safe n’see digital video baby monitor comes with a wireless camera usually placed near the lodge of the baby and with the wireless monitor you can potentially keep an eye for your child’s safety and tend to his or her needs when appropriate. The baby monitor has a live stream connected so whatever your baby may be up to you can practically watch all of it through the Levana safe n’ see digital video baby monitor.

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Levana Safe N’See Video Baby Monitor Features

The Levana Safe N’See baby monitor comes with a 4.0 to 7.0 mega pixel wireless camera that is duly attached to the wireless monitor usually an embedded LCD with a clean display. This way even if you are in the kitchen working and your baby is in his or her bedroom then you can successfully watch him/her without any worry and avoid going back to the room every five minutes. The levana safe n’ see digital video baby monitor has also an embedded alarm system with sets off with the sight of any distinguish movement.

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There is also the option of a built in intercom within this particular device; babies sometimes need to always listen to their mothers voices and the intercom service in this device is a treat as through this the mother can always talk with her child even as she may be 300 to 400 feet away.

There is also a very innovative feature within the embedded camera provided is that the monitor at the parents end would showcase the temperature of the baby’s room and as such people can make adjustments if required since temperature changes are one of the fundamental aspects that irritates a new born child and makes them cry.

The Levana video baby monitor is fully rechargeable and since this is such a compact device it does not take any particular toll in the energy spent on charging hence saving you potential dollars. The is also the option that with only specific movement of a certain degree in your child room that the display monitor will sound an alarm and this feature is usually accessed to conserve battery charge.

Levana Safe N’See Baby Monitor Review

Even though the baby monitor is a defying invention there is always a time when a specific products enjoys the critics of its users due to some technical unforeseen reasons. One of the major issues encountered during the past is that the baby monitor is very short on charge and the parents have to charge it constantly to keep it working. One of the best methods to counteract this problem is to adjust the brightness level of the screen of the LCD monitor and hence by doing this one can easily make the monitor run for around 8 – 10 hours in a day. Click here to read more reviews and save $141.11 on Amazon for limit time only.

The Levana safe n’ see digital baby video monitor is a good deal under the given features and even with some negative reviews on offer I for one personally uphold this to be a very reliable product. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping Now!

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Customer Reviews

Snehil June 17th, 2012 (#)

First, I absolutely recommend this monitor. I’ve listed some specific strengths and weaknesses below. What I liked: 1. Good range. In my two story house I got decent coverage throughout. The signal was a little weak when I stretched it to its furthest possible range, but I never lost the picture. 2. On the small screen the picture is crisp, with good color. You will never have to wonder what you’re seeing. Look carefully at the image on the video I took of the outdoors and you’ll see a crisp blue autumn sky with colorful foliage. 3. I think the portability is a key feature. The monitor can be removed from its base and slipped into a pocket as you move around your house. Very nice! 4. You can add cameras, all of which show up on the monitor. You can then select which camera you want to zoom to on the screen. Hopefully you won’t be monitoring four babies at once, but the capability is there. What I would like to see improved: 1. Customer service! I always try to test this during a reivew, since it tends to be the Achilles Heel of modern commerce. I first let the customer service rep (Asian, but very understandable) know I was writing a reivew and had a specific problem I needed solved (see below). It became clear immediately that the rep was not familiar with the product. After about 20 minutes he admitted he could not solve my problem, but he promised I would receive a return call or email within a couple of hours. After ten days I have heard nothing. Unacceptable! 2. The monitor is promoted as a camera which can take snapshots of your baby, and the advertisements feature beautifully lit photos of babies. This is bogus. The camera has a whopping .3 megapixels. This is perfectly fine for the small monitor screen, but trying to use it as a camera to photograph your baby will result in a blurry, pixelated photo if you try to even print it 4 6. It puzzles me that Lorex even included a microSD card and adapter for you to transfer your pictures to a computer. You wouldn’t really try to photograph your beautiful baby with a .3 MP camera, would you? Which brings me to another point . . . 3. The reason I called customer service was the image from the camera when I took a snapshot was not only rotated (easily fixed) but reversed. For instance, any printing would look backwards. I’m not sure if this is peculiar to the sample I received, but it’s annoying to be sure. Yes you can fix this in a photo editor, but you shouldn’t have to. I have no idea what’s going on, and neither did customer service. The image is fine on the monitor screen, and the problem only shows up when you transfer a picture, which you are unlikely to do anyway given the poor resolution. So let’s sum up: I really like the Lorex Baby Monitor and I would definitely buy it. I take off one star for the failure of customer service to respond to my problem and the misleading pictures which imply the monitor can be used to take good quality pictures. If you purchase it with the idea that you are only monitoring your baby (pets, etc) and not capturing lifetime memories, you’ll be very happy.

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