Levana BABYVIEW20 Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

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The Levana BABYVIEW20 wireless video baby monitor delivers the extra peace of mind being able to see your child as they sleep. The special wireless camera delivers quality video images to the parent unit in both full color during the day and black and white during the night with night vision. Click here to buy from Amazon and save 67% now!

The camera has a built in microphone that will pick up all of the sounds as well as the video and transmit the digital signal wireless to the monitor unit up to 150 feet away. The camera doubles as nightlight and sound machine that plays soothing lullabies.

Levana has created a great video monitoring system that delivers peace of mind to parents. The digital signal is transmitted wireless from the camera in your baby’s room to mobile monitor unit. The digital signal includes both video and audio using the built-in microphone.

Levana BABYVIEW20 Video Baby Monitor Features

The camera works both day and night which really comes in handy when there is no light in room. Using night vision technology to deliver the black and while images to the monitor unit. The night vision feature has a range of 15 feet, so you want to be sure you have it placed in the best position you can.

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The Levana monitor unit is powered by Lithium-ion batteries and it comes with the power adapter for recharging the batteries. The camera can be powered by the power adapter, but if want to be able to use the camera where there is no AC power, you can put four “AAA” batteries and it will supply the needed power.

The standby mode helps to conserve power on the monitor unit by turning off the LCD screen until the camera detects your child making a noise and it automatically turns on the screen.

Levana BABYVIEW20 Review

During our research of the Levana BABYVIEW20 wireless video baby monitor we found that there were over 366 consumer reviews posted online. The consumers gave it an average rating of 3.6 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with all the ratings it also received many comments on what they thought about it after using it for a period of time. The majority of the comments were positive, but as you can imagine some of them were rather negative. The video quality was mentioned by many reviewers as being really clear and some were very surprised just how clear it was. The ability of the built in microphone to pick up all of the noises in the room seemed to be both a positive and negative according to many of the reviewers. They all seemed happy that it picked up even the lowest sounds in the room, it just took some time to get used to it. Click here to read these reviews.

Not all of the comments were positive, small number of the reviewers complained about the video quality not being up to par with what they expected. That could be contributed to expectations being a bit too high.

After our research was completed for the Levana BABYVIEW20 baby video monitor were looked at all of the positives and negative comments and determined that the positives outweighed the few negatives and we would recommend this product. Click here to check it out and save $200 on Amazon.

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