Summer Infant PictureMe Digital Baby Video Monitor Review

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The Summer Infant PictureMe digital baby video monitor takes the baby monitoring to whole new level. Instead of using the old technology audio baby monitor, step into present and video monitoring for your child while they sleep. It features day and night monitoring; using night vision technology for when the lights out and full color video when the lights are on. The parent unit features a full color 3.5 inch LCD screen which produces high quality images. The camera is capable of taking snap shots along with taking full motion video.

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Summer Infant PictureMe Baby Video Monitor Features

The PictureMe video monitoring system features a high quality video camera and LCD screen that combine to deliver to you the peace of mind that your child is safe and sound in their crib/bed. It has the ability to take snapshots and full motion video in both light and darkness to ensure you can always keep an eye on your child.

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The camera features both color imaging and black and white night vision capability and sends the signal to the parent unit using 2.4 GHz frequency wireless, much like many cordless phones. The parent unit features a high quality 3.5 inch color LCD screen to display the video as well as snapshots from the camera.

The snapshots taken from the video camera can be stored in the parent unit and using the built in Digital Picture Frame feature, it can scroll through up to 8 images and display them on the color LCD screen.

It also has the ability to detect sounds coming from your child and room and by using LED’s it gives visual indication of the sounds being made and using the video image you can be sure your child is OK.

Summer Infant PictureMe Review

During our research of the Summer Infant PictureMe baby video monitor we discovered that there was 21 consumer reviews posted online. The consumers gave it an average rating of 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with ratings this product received a majority positive comments with just a few negatives comments. Several of the reviewers pointed out that they really liked the peace of mind this product delivered and that it was a tremendous value in their eyes. Several others were really thrilled with LED indicator system that represents sounds being detected from the camera and transmitting them to the parent unit. Another reviewer pointed out that it had as a temperature sensor that they did not know that it even had this feature. Click here to read more reviews.

Not all of the comments were positive including one that came from a reviewer that gave it a 4 star rating because they that the mount supplied with the camera was very poorly designed and ended up using nylon tie wraps. Another reviewer was very critical of the poor wireless signal they received which kept the camera and parent unit from staying connected.

After completing our research of the Summer Infant PictureMe video baby monitor we discovered that this product appears to be as advertised by the manufacturer and the majority of the reviewers would agree.  Click here to check it out.

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